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What are the precision machinery parts processing principle

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-30
Today we share with you what principle of precision machinery parts processing? Specific principle is: 1, the benchmark first: the first machining datum, parts in the process of machining, the appearance as the positioning reference shall, first of all, the processing, as soon as possible in order to provide fine benchmark for the machining of the subsequent handling. 2, division processing stages: mechanical processing quality request high appearance, is divided into processing stage, generally can be divided into roughing and semi-finishing and finishing three stages. Mainly in order to ensure the quality of processing; Conducive to scientific applications; Easy to arrange heat treatment process; And facilitate the blank defects, etc. 3, after the first plane hole: for housing, support and connecting rod parts should be flat after machining holes. So you can by plane positioning hole processing, ensure the accuracy of the plane and hole location, and the porosity of the plane processing bring convenience. 4, finishing processing: the main appearance finishing processing, such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling processing, etc. , should be on stage at the end of process route. To formulate the general principles of the precision parts processing technology, precision parts processing procedures, can be divided into two areas. First is the process of drafting parts processing line, and then to determine the size of every working procedure of process, equipment and process equipment used and the cutting specifications, man-hour quota, etc. Precision machinery parts processing principles have? Did you know? Above is the small make up for the precision machining of some simple introduction, please consult this website for details. Web address: WWW. henryparts。 com
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