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What are the precision machinery parts processing order?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-03
, along with the development of the automation equipment in constant development in the market, and is a great benefit for businesses, it can develop to today, by the efforts of the technical staff, how much of sad tears, precision hardware machinery parts processing is one of them, in the processing industry, the order is very important, it relates to product quality assurance, if there is an order made a mistake, is easy to cause a great loss, serious word to start, the more serious the product is scrapped, what are the order of precision machinery parts processing? A, precision parts processing sequence arrangement should according to the structure of parts and rough conditions, clamping and positioning need to consider, the focus is on the workpiece rigid is not damaged. 1. On the whole process does not influence the process of locating and clamping, interspersed with some general precision parts processing process should also be comprehensive consideration. 2. Advanced inline inner cavity machining sequence of shape after processing process. 3. In the same mode of positioning, clamping or the same knife processing process of the best connection, to reduce the number of repeat positioning, tool change times and move linking piece number. Ningbo machining 4. At the same time the installation of the multi-channel working procedure, the workpiece rigid damage small procedure should be arranged. Tool set points sequence method: is according to the classification process of the cutting tool used, with the same finish cutting tool machining parts on all the parts can be finished. With the first ErBaDao, third complete they can rest. Which can decrease The Times of change knife compression idle time, reduce unnecessary positioning error. Three, by the method of machining parts points sequence: content of many parts for processing, according to the characteristics of its structure, processing part is divided into several parts, such as the shape, shape, surface or plane, etc. General processing plane, positioning surface first, after processing hole; Simple geometric shapes, and then processing complex geometry; Low precision machining parts, and then higher parts machining accuracy requirements. Above is the order of the small make up today to precision machinery parts processing have? All the introduction, the hope can help a friend in need, when processing advice must operate according to this a few, will let you processing greatly reduce risk, why given precision machinery parts processing to choose RMB? Because we have not only professional and careful. Yuan is one specialized is engaged in precision machinery parts processing, non-standard automatic machine parts, machining tooling fixture design development and production of professional company, welcome to RMB, we will regularly for you to share information about the mechanical parts processing.
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