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What are the mechanical parts processing method

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-13
Mechanical parts processing is to point to by a mechanical device to change the appearance of parts size or performance. So you know what are the specific mechanical parts processing method? Let small make up today and everyone to share! Machining methods mainly include: cars, pliers, milling, planing, plug, grinding, drilling, boring, blunt, sawing, etc. Can also include cutting, casting, forging, electric corrosion, powder processing, electroplating, various kinds of heat treatment, etc. Car: car, sleeping car; New equipment has nc cars, the main processing of rotors; Milling, end milling, horizontal milling; New equipment have CNC milling, also called machining center; Main processing groove and the surface of the contour line, of course, can also be two axis or triaxial linkage processing surface; Plane: the main processing line surface appearance, normally processing out the surface roughness of the milling machine is high; Insert: can be understood as a stand of planer, very suitable for nonholonomic arc processing; Surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, grinding: is there a hole grinding, tool grinding, etc. ; High precision surface processing, processing of the workpiece surface roughness is particularly high; Drilling, hole processing; Boring: large diameter and high precision hole processing, large workpiece contour machining. Hole still has a lot of processing methods, such as CNC machining, wire cutting, etc. Blunt: mainly through the punch stamping molding, can be blunt round or shaped hole; Saw: mainly by sawing machine cutting processing, often used for blanking process. That is about the method of mechanical parts processing, hope you can help to you!
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