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What are the main technical points of the precision machinery parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-03
Before the precision machining parts, it is necessary to correctly understand ningbo precision machining knowledge, then, what is the main technical points of the precision machinery parts processing? 1, simplify the machine repair and maintenance, saving artificial, mechanical cutting and processing function, improve labor productivity; 2, sound-absorbing, shock absorption, much smaller than the metal, MC nylon modulus attenuation, provides the useful path than metal better prevent noise; 3, wear-resisting, the smooth, with no oil ( Or deoiling) Than bronze cast iron, carbon steel, provide better working performance and phenolic laminate, reduce consumption, save energy. 4, numerical control center in the design of technical parameters can be set when the shock processing parts. 5, machinery parts processing of tungsten steel punch needle production and processing of high strength, can take a long time to load. 6, precision machinery parts processing of tungsten steel punch round rod processing compared with metal, MC nylon hardness is low, does not damage the grinding parts. 7, the impact of mechanical parts processing processing operation is flexible, can be twists and turns and not deformation, with patience and repeated shocks. 8, high chemical stability, alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, weak acid, smooth oil, detergent, water ( The sea) Tasteless and odourless, poison, rustless characteristics, widely used in mechanical resistance to alkali corrosion, clean environmental protection, food, textile printing and dyeing, the use of parts and components.
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