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What are the factors affect the ultra precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-13
In the 1960 s ultra precision parts processing technology is proposed. It is to improve the performance of mechanical and electronic products, quality, service life and reliability as well as the important way of energy saving ability. Ultra precision parts processing refers to processing error is less than 0. 1 m, the surface roughness. Less than Ra0 processing technology. 025 ixm, also called submicron processing, precision parts processing technology is one of an important symbol of country manufacturing. In addition to the hydraulic and pneumatic source of volatility, work environment has a great influence on the processing quality. Therefore, the working environment is the necessary condition to ensure machining quality. Work environment are mainly temperature, purification and anti vibration for. Environmental temperature change is especially significant effect on the accuracy of machine tool. Caused by heat factor, including environmental temperature change, the machining error of total processing error ( 40, 70) %。 Dust mixed can cause surface scratch and affect the surface quality. If vibration in machining process, machining surface will appear striped or stripe traces, which leads to surface finish significantly decreased. Along with the ultra precision parts processing precision demand is higher and higher, the requirement of processing environment is becoming more and more strict. Only on the supply pressure, the environment temperature changes, external and the vibration wave, affecting the precision of the ultra precision machining, analyzes its influence. Ultra-precision machining accuracy is a variety of factors. In order to improve the accuracy of ultra-precision machining, not only to understand the factors that affect it, to know more about the solution.
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