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Understanding the concept and classification of benchmark precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-24
More in the process of clamp fixture design and machining benchmark play a key role, then the benchmark let us learn more about the knowledge. Benchmark, is used to determine the production object geometric relationships between the geometrical elements is based on the dot, line, face. 1) The classification of the benchmark ( 1) Adopted by the design reference design pattern on the benchmark. It is a design pattern to determine the position relationship between various surfaces of the parts is based on the dot, line, face. ( 2) Process benchmarking the benchmark used in the process. According to its different USES, and can be divided into process datum, locating datum, measuring benchmark and assembly benchmark. (1) process datum in the process used to determine the process on the drawing the machining surface after the size, shape, position of the benchmark. (2) the locating datum is used as the positioning of the benchmark in the processing, determined by its relative position relative to the workpiece cutting tool. Locating datum and benchmark can be divided into coarse and fine benchmark and assist the benchmark: a. Benchmark crude processing process has not been processed rough surface, the selected location. b。 Fine benchmark process will have been processed surface, the selected location. c。 Auxiliary benchmark to meet the needs of the process, specially designed on the workpiece surface ( Process convex) 。 Artifacts, finally forming some auxiliary benchmark is not reserved, to restore the original design appearance; Also some mating parts appearance, is retained. (3) when the benchmark measurement adopted by the benchmark. Measure, for example, the spindle, the spindle axis neck measure on the v-shaped blocks other surface on the spindle, spindle axis on the surface of the journal at this time, is the measurement datum. (4) assembly benchmark assembly when used to determine the relative position of parts or components in the product adopted by the benchmark. 2) Analyze the points for attention during the benchmark ( 1) As the benchmark of dot, line, face on the workpiece is not necessarily specific exist, such as the center of the hole and shaft benchmark central plane, the surface of the globe, etc. , they are frequently by some specific to reflect ( Figure 1. 13) 。 Such as lathe chuck clamping short axis, the actual location on the surface of the outer cylinder, but its axis. So choose the locating datum problem is selecting position on the surface of the base. Also, for some fixture positioning components, their limit benchmark performance by limit base level. ( 2) As the benchmark can be no area of point, line and surface of the small, but the specific benchmark, due to the elastic deformation of the parts, there is always a certain contact area. ( 3) Both in size, and position accuracy, a benchmark. Influence on the surface of the precision parts processing precision and position accuracy of location prominent factors, is caused by the workpiece installation error, it involves the benchmark, positioning and a series of problems.
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