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Understanding of the CNC lathe processing technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-31
CNC lathe rendering to make enterprise to get rid of the backward processing technology, CNC lathe machining process similar to that of ordinary lathe machining process, but as a result of the numerical control lathe is a clamping, continuous automatic processing all finish turning process, so should pay attention to the following hardware processing introduced from several aspects. Selection of cutting parameter about efficient metal cutting processing, processed materials, cutting tool, cutting condition are three main factors. The decisions the processing time, tool life and processing quality. Economic and efficient processing method must be reasonable selection of the cutting condition. Cutting condition of three elements: the cutting speed, feed and cutting depth provoked the tool damage. Along with the progress of cutting speed, the tip temperature will rise, will produce energy machinery, chemical, thermal wear and tear. Cutting speed progress 20%, tool life will reduce 1/2. Feed conditions and behind the cutting tool wear in minimum range. Behind but feeding, cutting temperature rise, wear and tear. It is smaller than the influence of cutting speed on tool. Cutting depth on cutting tool is not the influence of cutting speed and feed, but in small cutting deep, is cutting data produced stiff layer, will also affect the service life of cutting tools. Users according to be processing data, hardness, cutting state, breed, feed, cutting depth and other choice of using cutting speed. Selected the most appropriate process conditions are selected in the warp and woof of these elements.
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