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Understand the four axis CNC machining techniques

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-16
CNC four axis machining center originally used in curve surface machining, the machining of the blade. Now always, four axis CNC machining center can be applied to solid parts, turn back to the Angle of the helix ( Oil cylinder) , spiral groove, cylinder CAM and cycloid machining and so on, using and common. As we can see from the processed products, CNC four axis processing has the following characteristics: with the participation of the axis of rotation, make no time between surface processing, greatly advances the comfortable space curved surface machining accuracy, quality and power; Three axis machine tool can not machining (or requirements of the clamping long workpiece Such as long axial axial surface processing) In the processing. Can end after four axis rotary worktable, shortening time of clamping and cutting machining process, as far as possible after more than a positioning stop machining, cutting positioning error; Highly improve the cutting tool, extend tool life; To produce concentrated. CNC four axis machining center there are two common ways: localization machining and interpolation, corresponding polyhedron parts machining and the attribute of rotors. Today, to take A four axis to the axis of rotation axis machining center as an example, respectively for two kinds of processing way stop elucidated.
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