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Understand the CNC machining of the phenomenon

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-16
In CNC machining, the direction of rotation of the milling cutter is the same, but the direction of feed is changing. It presents two common phenomenon: in the milling, milling and inverse milling cutter cutting edge in every time when cut into effect by the impact load. In order to win the milling, it is necessary to think in a cutting blade to cut into and cut out the correct contact between cutting edges and data. In milling process, the workpiece and cutter rotation direction with the same or the opposite direction of feed, this affects milling cut, cut out, and is a suitable milling and inverse milling, the milling of the golden rule - From thick to thin the milling, be sure to think of the formation of chip. Chip resolution element is composed of cutter location, be sure to try to constitute a thick chip in the blade cuts. When the blade cut into thin chip, in order to ensure the stability of the milling process. Keep in mind that gold law of milling & quot; From thick to thin & quot; To ensure that the blade cut into the chip thickness as little as possible, when down milling in down milling cutting tool along the direction of rotation of feed. Only allow, machine tool, fixture and workpiece has been as the preferred way to climb milling. In the edge down milling, chip thickness will gradually decrease from the beginning of the cutting. Finally finished in cutting to zero. Before this can avoid cutting edge on cutting cut rub and friction parts appearance, big is good chip thickness, cutting force tend to pull artifacts into the cutter, the cutting blade cutting. But, because of the milling cutter is easy to be pulled into the workpiece, as a result, machine recoil to deal with demand after offset table feed gap. If milling cutter is pulled into the workpiece, feed will increase, which can cause chip through the thick and break away from the cutting edge. Under these conditions, consider using conventional milling.
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