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Turning machining technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-14
More turning is mainly on the lathe, cutting tool is used to analyse the rotating workpiece machining. Can also be used on lathe drill, reamer drill, reamer, tap, die, and knurling tools for the corresponding processing. Turning machining principle is: the workpiece rotation ( The main movement) Make a straight line or curve motion, turning in a flat, Feed movement) , could be used in the processing of inside and outside the cylinder, end face, conical surface, forming surface and the thread, etc. Turning cylinder, the cutting tool along the parallel to the direction of the workpiece rotation axis; Turning end or cut off the workpiece, tool along the direction perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece rotation of horizontal motion. If the movement direction of the turning tool and the workpiece rotation axis into a bevel, so can be processed into conical surface. Turning operation considerations: ( 1) Lubrication lathe before work, test whether the handle in place, a slow-moving test run for 5 minutes, confirm all is ok can operation; ( 2) Chuck chuck to lowe, wrench can't stay on it; ( 3) Workpiece and tool clamping, tool rod can't stretch out too long, Except for boring) Small, turn head to stop to prevent tool collision chuck, workpiece or cut hand; ( 4) Workpiece during operation, the person can't stand on the workpiece, the body without lathe, foot step oil pan; ( 5) High speed cutting, in order to ensure safety, should use cutting cutting device and each screen; ( 6) Ban on high speed brake, car back and stop to smooth; ( 7) Remove iron, should use brush or a special hook; ( 8) Use file polishing workpiece, must hand in the former, left behind; When polishing workpiece with gauze, use your hand tools such as, in case of injury, ( 9) All the work of reoccupy, amount, rj all needs to be on the safe location nearby, do orderly; ( 10) Artifacts in the car to remove or measurement, such as lathe stopped again operation; ( 11) The lathe work, prohibit open or unload protective device; ( 12) Close from work, should be clean and wipe the lathe, and retreated to the tailstock and slip board box lathe bed the right side. Turning processing, the main parameter is turning and feed back. 't turning amount refers to the vertical direction to speed of cutting layer maximum size, generally refers to the workpiece in machining surface and stay on the surface of the vertical distance between. Feeding refers to artifacts ( Or tool) Each rotating or reciprocating once a week, or tool every turn a tooth, or tool in the workpiece feeding movement direction on relative displacement. When coarse car, try to use large amount of turning and feeding in order to improve the productivity, but good car, choose the smaller amount of turning and feeding, to ensure that the required machining accuracy and surface quality of workpiece.
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