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Tips that is commonly used in mechanical parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-08
Machining process planning is a regulation parts machining process and operation method of process documentation, one of which is under the condition of concrete production, the reasonable technological process and operation method, according to the rules in the form of a written into process file, used to direct production after approval. So you know what's in the process of mechanical parts processing tips? Today let small make up to share with everyone! A, machinery parts processing, vice jaw to take off, the other two M4 threaded hole processing, will be two pieces and jaw level 1 thick. 2, 5 mm steel plate with aluminum countersunk rivet rivet on the thickness of 0. 8 mm hard brass plate 3 to use the M4 countersunk screw fastening to the jaw, 1 form durable soft jaw. It also can protect the parts is bad, but also are interchangeable. 2 using magnet absorb small parts, machinery parts processing ( Fee) Isn't very convenient for suction and draw. Can be below the magnets 1 suck a sizzling 2, not only can absorb a lot of small, and the iron plate away small immediately pour into the collection box automatically. Not enough to impress heart but very practical. Three, machinery parts processing of pulley drive pulley often and slippage between shaft, shaft assembly in ¢15 to 18 mm can draw a series of nest nest bit, it can form the adsorption force to prevent the skid, waste. Four, machinery parts processing, 1 stalk short when Allen key, can't focus on the inner diameter can be slightly larger than the wrench pipe from a slot milling, insert the wrench into the slot, but as a long handle. In mechanical parts processing, there will be many artifacts that are not produced by a one-off, but when the workpiece is produced, it is only a rough model, if the factory into real products, some of which even with the help of machinery and equipment for mechanical processing, according to different product requirements in terms of mechanical processing, finally to become a has the use value of products. In order to guarantee the machining efficiency, and to produce qualified product quality, in the mechanical processing, must follow the principle of the big four. 1, benchmark first: in the use of machinery and equipment for processing products, must define a datum plane, so that in the subsequent processing time can have a positioning reference and determine the datum, then datum processing out first. Stage 2, division processing: the product at the time of mechanical processing, according to the requirements of the different products to different degree of processing, processing degree, if the accuracy is not high, so a simple rough machining stage. Product schedule is more and more strict, the follow-up for semi-finishing and finish machining stage. 3, after the first plane hole: in mechanical processing, for support such artifacts, it must carry on the plane machining and mechanical machining, in order to come out of the hole of machining precision error is smaller, the first plane after machining hole is helpful to reduce the error. 4, finishing processing: the processing principle is some roughly grinding polishing processing, it is usually carried out in the product after complete architecture step. Above is the small doohickey of mechanical parts processing, everyone? Hope to be able to help you!
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