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The working principle of CNC precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-24
More CNC machining center can control system is generally in accordance with the number of order instruction control of machine tool spindle automatic start-stop, reversing and speed, can automatically control the feeding speed, direction and processing route, carry on the processing, can choose the cutting tool and adjust size cutter turning and walking tracks, can finish the processing of various auxiliary action. The structure of the CNC precision parts processing nc car is by the main spindle box, tool post, feed transmission system, lathe bed, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubricating system is composed of four parts, such as CNC lathe feed system with horizontal lathe feed systems there are essential differences in the structure, mechanical structure diagram of typical numerical control lathe. The movement of the horizontal lathe spindle after hanging wheel frame, feed box, slip board box to the tool post, longitudinal and transverse feed motion. And numerical control lathe is adopt servo motor, the ball screw to skateboard and tool rest, z to ( Longitudinal) And to the ( Lateral) Feed movement. Precision CNC numerical control car also has the function of all kinds of screw thread, motion relationship between spindle and tool post move by nc system to control.
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