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The working principle of CNC machine tools

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-28
How does more small question of nc machine tools work? How do CNC machining mould? Yuan gives the answers industrial small make up for you, but in general, numerical control machine tools by the machine body, CNC system ( Is the core of the nc machine tools, CNC system is a special-purpose computer) , drive and auxiliary device and other parts. The CNC system has the basic function of the input function, the interpolation function and servo control, etc. Its working process is: through input function receives the nc program after combination operator has set on the panel of cutter parameters, control parameters and the compensation parameters such as data decoding, and logic operation, electrical signal is transformed into a series of logic, which produces the corresponding instruction pulse to control the drive of machine tool, the movement of the machine tool axis, achieve the desired operating machine tool processing function. According to customer product figure, mold designers design 3 d mold ( Also known as die) Image file, you need to mold for nc programming. Determine size, cutting processing cutting tool feeding way, using UG can create nc program. The nc program is a text file, inside is the code for the machine tool can identify. Machine operator after receiving the application sheet and nc program, will be required to mount clip artifacts in the numerical control machine tool working platform, put the cutting tool in the spindle and the knife, as required in the machine tool panel set parameters for the knife, according to the actual circumstances of the machine after modifying individual instruction through network DNC CNC program to machine tools. Machine tool in cutting movement under the control of the nc instructions, other cooling system synchronization, a then a program is performed, this mould is processing came out.
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