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The United States imported breathing machine, precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-21
Outbreak of the creeping, America also honoured, breathing machine and other protective equipment is extremely scarce, more foreign purchasing. At this time of global market, production capacity to meet the global supplier only China, precision parts processing industry here is too strong, not the kui is the factory of the world, with drawings can production, processing. America's terra si very bullish, originally also intends to debug your breathing machine production line, we ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are waiting to watch the news, did not think their boss musk finally gave up the idea, instead of in the Chinese market purchase breathing machine, donated to the epidemic prevention departments in the United States, we still think one more competitors. If is the production of masks, many manufacturing can quickly adjust the production line, the low threshold of epidemic prevention emergency production material. But not a breathing machine, this is a technical threshold, even if the precision machining industry in ningbo, also is not every company can undertake such orders, no more than 5 years of production experience are basically no use. Lars boss should be a wise men, breathing machine can't produce immediately, or find the China precision parts processing factory. Although they will be able to launch, but not production of breathing machine, this is there are specialize in. Professional things, or to the professional manufacturers, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of core competence is not easy to replace.
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