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The traditional fire, fire CNC parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-07
New crown pneumonia began to spread in the world, more and more proprietary Chinese medicine export orders, production lines, such as CNC machining parts also started the fire. Proprietary Chinese medicine production lines now are automatic, a lot of equipment need manufacturer supply high precision spare parts, otherwise proprietary Chinese medicine production may also stay in the era of pure manual, certainly not suitable for the development of The Times. This wave of disease resistance in wuhan battle, for example, of full automatic production line of TCM from ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. As long as prepared medicinal materials, the ratio of good, put into the container, according to the switch, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is automatically good Fried, and then through the pipe into the production workshop, automatic packing is good, can express out bags, neutral the contribution in the resistance to disease fighting. If there is no automatic production line, the production efficiency of proprietary Chinese medicine cannot ascend, don't say in foreign markets, the supply of foreign markets is a problem. Increase production capacity, the key or automated nc parts processing services for force, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory production line has been used in all walks of life, made great economic and social benefits. Sorting of proprietary Chinese medicine, preparation, production process and so on packing, have now realized the automation, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer for this type of production line assembly has accumulated rich experience. For the current international market supply of proprietary Chinese medicine, domestic production capacity has been is not the problem, the role of automated nc parts processing is becoming more and more big.
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