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The surface treatment technology of the precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-12
Precision machinery parts processing, the high strength and toughness request compare with, it's job performance and using life and its appearance has a great deal of contact performance, and improve the performance of appearance, is not simply relying on the information, also is very not economic, but practice is required to make its performance in the process to reach standard, the disposal technology of requirements used in appearance. In mould appearance treatment category mould polishing technology is a very important link, also is the important technology in the process of workpiece processing and disposal. Precision machinery parts processing appearance treatment process is very important in the process of machining, it is important to tip that precision parts mould polishing treatment of work appearance, not only receive the technological process and the influence of polishing equipment, as well as by parts data mirror degrees, the effect of this in the machining process of today did not get enough attention, this is also stated that polishing was affected by data itself. Is now progress appearance performance of precision parts processing technology reforming promotion from time to time, but in precision parts processing of the application of more is mainly for hardening membrane accumulation, and nitriding and carburizing technology. Because of nitriding technology can achieve high standard of appearance, performance and technology of nitriding process with precision parts of steel quenching process has a very high harmonic sex differences. Nitriding temperature is very low, so after nitriding technology disposal does not demand drastic cooling process, the deformation of precision parts and components have very small, so the nitriding technology is used to strengthen the appearance performance on precision machinery parts processing, one of the early technology and the widely used.
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