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The superiority of non-standard automation | | industry information

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-10
Non-standard automation, is the ability to customize design according to the different requirements of different customers and needs, this is the advantage of flexible automation equipment, is also vital to ensure customer quantity and sales. Non-standard mechanical design automation service has the following characteristics: 1. Pay attention to the standardization of design, modular and simplified principle. 2. After the completion of the design, can export BMP, JPG format product rendering, in order to edit product information and product advertising. 3. All two-dimensional chart are automatically generated by the computer according to the 3 d digital model, to ensure the view and dimension accuracy, ensure the quality and work efficiency of drawing harmony. 4. All the 3 d design software such as cad and Pro/E is used to design the product. Can produce parts of volume, weight and center of gravity, this for related design and subsequent processing provides a reliable basis for it not only can improve the quality, also can improve the efficiency, more can ensure production safety. Press the start button, to guarantee the machining precision, second is convenient, accurate, quick look for the yuan had given custom non-standard precision parts processing,
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