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The processing technology of the mechanical parts content and steps

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-12
Mechanical parts processing technology refers to the methods and steps of mechanical parts processing, at the time of mechanical parts processing must be based on the processing technology of the mechanical parts, keep parts processing technical requirements. So you know mechanical parts processing technology content and steps of is what? Small make up today to share with you! 1. Determine the types of blank blank type should be according to the parts of material, shape and size to determine, consider design and production conditions. As shown in the drive shaft, smaller diameter, outside diameter paragraphs disparity is not big, optional round steel. Figure of the gear shaft, the diameter difference is bigger, to save material and processing hours, if large quantities, and have the forging conditions, should choose the forging blank; Otherwise, also choose round steel. Bearing cover, its material is cast iron, should choose the casting blank. Gear, its material is 40 steel, and the outer diameter is not big, small cylindrical short, optional round steel. Gear, because of the cylindrical and pore diameter were larger, single optional corresponding thickness steel plate gas cutting blanking, batch can choose forging, forging into a circular ring, ware such material is saved, and reduce the processing time, the mechanical properties of the forging blank is better also. 2. To determine the parts machining sequence order should be according to the types of blank, the structure, size, machining accuracy, surface roughness and heat treatment technical requirements to determine. 3. Determine the machining work procedure used to determine each machine tool, workpiece clamping method, processing methods, processing size and detection methods, including for leave in working procedure of the allowance. Outer and inner cylinder and flat are generally small and medium-sized part refers to the unilateral allowance, when the sheet small batch production, blank size large fire value, on the other hand, take a small value. Gross margin: manual casting for 3 - 6mm; Free forging or cutting for 3 - 7毫米; Round steel material is 1. 5 ~ 2. 5mm。 More than process: half a fine car is 0. 8 to 1. 5mm; The high-speed finish turning of 0. 4 - 0. 5mm。 4. To determine the cutting depth and man-hour quota sheet small batch production of cutting dosage generally chosen by the producers themselves, man-hour quota set by the management. 5. In a process card fill out the brief description and process diagram shows that the above content. Above is the small make up to share with you about the mechanical parts processing technology content and the content of the step, hope can help to you!
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