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The precision parts processing Stable supplier

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-22
Some time ago, there was a given make a gentleman find through the network the meta technology co. , LTD. Web site! Carefully read after yuan give website launched an inquiry! A gentleman is to do foreign trade, often have a lot of overseas precision parts processing orders. Since the end of 2015, Mr Xu because of the need to find products and stable supplier cooperation, in our own factory near found a number of manufacturers. Hui after investigation surrounding manufacturers, found around most of them are small workshops, even the basic quality are not up to the standard of the hui, so didn't find the right. A friend of Mr Xu to hear that, to send information to Mr Xu said a yuan gives manufacturers in precision parts processing are highly experienced! And he also know yuan give weeks total, immediately introduce yuan has to make a gentleman. Contact hui yuan give weeks total, asked if he can do overseas orders. Quality precision and appearance is very strict, yuan zhou always seen precision parts processing said after the drawings can be done, Mr Xu also understand the meta given by the boss personally led manufacturers, with 15 years of production experience, 1000 ㎡ workshop dimensions, mechanical equipment, quality management is very perfect. But Mr Xu or want to personally visit the yuan has to decide whether to order again! The next day Mr Xu was given to the yuan! Salesman also personally led Mr Xu went to the workshop, for Mr Xu explained one by one! After watching the hui is very satisfied! Decided to give the precision parts processing orders given yuan! If you recently need metal parts processing, can contact yuan give customer service!
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