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The precision parts processing One-stop service

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-21
Mr Lane is to do foreign trade, often have a lot of overseas precision parts processing orders. Since the end of 2015, Mr Lane because of the need to find products and stable supplier cooperation, near the factory to find a lot of manufacturers, but has been short of Monsieur quality standards, so didn't find the right. A friend of Mr Lane to hear that, just know the yuan give weeks, immediately introduce yuan gave to Mr Lane. Monsieur contact yuan, asked if he can do foreign orders, quality precision and appearance is very strict, yuan said after seen drawings can be done, Mr Lane is also given to understand the meta has 15 years experience in precision parts processing, the boss of personally led manufacturers, plant size, machinery and equipment, quality management is very perfect, the yuan has given very at ease, starting with the first small orders. Yuan gives not only is the operation time is long and rich experience, and on the device is very perfect! ! ! ! With 32 imports of processing equipment, and there are many years experience of post-processing processing team, to provide one-stop service! The price is materially beneficial. Monsieur see products very satisfied, use effect in other manufacturers buy obviously improved than before, and thenceforth become the long-term partner, large and small orders, cooperation has been four years. With customer like a friend, there is a problem to communicate in time and to find a way to solve, foreign trade is the single most want to do surface treatment, a wide range of used materials is more, so yuan gives can undertake many varieties, small batch orders, finished product delivery to the customer. Products from turning, milling to heat treatment, cylindrical grinding, surface treatment, such as one-stop service.
The importance of SERVICE has increased as mechanical parts manufacturer have become a must in our daily life.
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