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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-08
Coupling parts refers to join two pieces or shaft and drive shaft rotation, in the process of transfer movement and power swing together, under normal circumstances do not release a device. Coupling parts can use a variety of metal materials processing. Legend coupling parts made with 316 stainless steel material, 316 stainless steel corrosion resistance, high resistance to atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength, good work hardening. After CNC precision CNC lathe processing, drilling, line cutting, surface treatment, such as processing technology, and three coordinates testing meet the technical requirements to send to customers after the assembly, in the operation of the device to keep parts of the technical support to customers. Ningbo given yuan precision machinery co. , LTD. Has all kinds of coupling processing history for many years, experienced, with the essence of high and new product research and development as well as mass production condition and powerful advantages, to meet the diverse needs of users. All kinds of medical instrument equipment mechanical parts processing, seek given yuan precision machinery, hotline: 13528828938
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