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The numerical control milling technology of the aluminum plate

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-17
More aluminum plate structure is simple, but due to the parts material is aluminium alloy, and the bottom of the cavity and cavity wall is thin, the biggest problem is how to prevent the workpiece in machining deformation of base plate and cavity wall. Especially cavity plate deformation, the largest hog, middle and bottom plate thickness, plate milling by arch is overmuch, middle processing results most thin slab thickness, and the surrounding big differences. In machining practice, based on this, must be combined with the characteristics of the aluminum plate, scientific processing technology, so as to ensure the quality of aluminum products processing to meet the standard requirements. A parts, CNC machining parts manufacturability analysis chart dimensioning methods should be adapted to the characteristics of nc machining in CNC machining parts, should be in the same benchmark note size or directly coordinates are given size. This annotation method convenient for programming, also facilitate coordination between the size. Due to the nc machining accuracy and repeat precision is very high, will not be destroyed because of the accumulation of large error using features, so the local dispersion can be tagging method is changed to the same benchmark note size, or directly coordinates, the size of the labeling method is given. In addition, the outline of the condition of geometric elements constitute parts should be fully, avoid programming can't laid hands on him. Parts of the inner cavity and appearance had better use the geometry type and size of unity, which reduces the cutting tool specifications and the number of tool change, make the programming is convenient, the production efficiency improved. Inside groove fillet size determines the size of the cutter diameter, thus the groove fillet radius should not be too small. The stand or fall of part manufacturability and processed contours of high and low, through the size of the arc radius and so on. When milling bottom plane parts large radius r should not be at the bottom of the tank, should adopt a unified benchmark locating. In nc machining, in order to ensure the two clamping processing after its relative position accuracy, should adopt a unified benchmark locating. In addition, still should be analyzed parts required by the machining accuracy, dimensional tolerance, etc can be guaranteed, do you have any cause contradictory redundant dimension of the closed dimension or affect the process arrangement, etc. Second, determine the principle of selecting machining method and machining solution method, is to ensure that the requirements of machining accuracy and surface roughness of the surface. Due to achieve same level accuracy and surface roughness of machining method, generally there are a lot of, so in the actual choice, want to combine parts of shape, size, and fully consider the heat treatment requirements, etc. Thin-walled aluminum, for example, it is easy to deformation, so want to consider when processing by adopting the combination of ordinary machining with CNC machining method to optimize combined machining process, lower parts manufacturing cycle, improve the machining efficiency of parts. Employing coarse car (basic components Fine car) Appearance -> drilling tapping ( Including two process pin hole) -> coarse finishing groove machining method to complete the processing and manufacturing. Relatively on the surface of the precision parts processing, often through roughing and semi-finishing and finishing step by step. On the surface only select the final machining method according to quality requirement is not enough, should also be properly determined from blank to final forming processing scheme. To determine the processing scheme, the first should be according to the requirement of the precision and surface roughness on the surface of the main, initially identified as needed to meet these requirements and processing method. High accuracy requirement of space curved surface, for example, after rough machining, semi-finishing, you must use the ball head milling cutter for 45 ° or 135 ° small spacing ( Generally high accuracy requirement about 0. 1 to 0. Between the 2 m m) Surface processing. Three, sheet aluminum CNC milling process analysis ( A) Heat treatment in figure 1 parts material is LY12, its aluminum - Copper - Magnesium is a typical hard aluminum alloy, its composition is reasonable, comprehensive performance is better. The characteristics of the alloy are: high strength, heat resistance to a certain extent, can be used as the working parts under 150 ℃. Thermal state, annealing and quenching conditions forming performance are good, heat treatment reinforcement effect is remarkable, but strict heat treatment process. If there is best for heat treatment to improve the hardness after aging. ( 2) Cutting blank material is rolled into large pieces of aluminum plate, need is expected to be 144 mm x 114 mm x 12 mm small plate. Due to the rolling aluminum plate grain direction ( Figure 2 shows the double dotted line said rolling texture direction) , blanking blanking note as shown in figure 2, to make the length direction of the small plate and plate grain direction of vertical. ( 3) CNC milling in machining process, adopt UG6. 0 software modeling and programming.
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