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The numerical control lathe processing tell you what is the feature of high precision spare parts?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-04
More everybody is good, do you know what are the characteristics of the precision parts processing? If you want to know, now you are and CNC lathe processing small make up to look at the following. 1. High production efficiency. Precision parts processing is to be able to once again clamping in multiple machining surface, generally only testing first, so when can provinces ordinary lathe machining of many middle process, such as line, size detection, etc. , to reduce the auxiliary time, and because the nc machining of parts with stable quality, bring convenience for the follow-up process, the comprehensive efficiency improved significantly. 2. To facilitate new product development and modification. Shenzhen CNC machining precision parts processing generally don't need a lot of sophisticated technology and equipment, through the processing program can be the complicated shape and high precision parts processing, when the product modification, changes to the design, as long as the change program, without the need to design tooling. So, nc machining can greatly shorten the product development period, for the new product research and development, product improvement, provides a shortcut. 3. A high degree of automation, can reduce the physical labor intensity of operators. Precision parts processing process is according to the input program automatically, the operator just starting on the knife, and replacement of cutting tools, loading and unloading workpieces in machining process, main is to observe and supervise the lathe operation. However, as a result of the numerical control lathe high technical content, the operator of the mental work increase. 4. The initial investment is larger. This is the first time because of the high cost of CNC lathe equipment, processing and preparation period is longer, the maintenance cost higher factors. 5. Precision parts machining parts with high precision, stable quality. The positioning accuracy of CNC lathe and repeated positioning precision is very high, easy to guarantee the consistency of a batch of parts size, reasonable technological design and program are correct, and careful operation, can guarantee the accuracy of parts and higher, also facilitate to carry on quality control process. 6. To develop more advanced manufacturing system. CNC lathes and machining technology is the foundation of computer-aided manufacturing. 7. High maintenance requirements. CNC lathe is a technology-intensive electromechanical integration of typical products, need to maintenance personnel know both machinery, and to understand the microelectronics maintenance knowledge, but also equipped with better equipment maintenance.
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