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The non-contact catering precision machining, hair force

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-27
During outbreaks, eating becomes a big problem, precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, a lot of the canteen, concentrated feeding is stopped, mass concentrations of easy to cause cross infection. So, with the advent of the return to work and production, there is no canteen enterprise is also facing a big problem, you eat the non-contact catering application scenarios and time finally appeared. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, the non-contact restaurant early a few years it has been mentioned, is the robot room scene, such concepts are our manufacturing in Fried, catering enterprises are relatively cool some, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory introduced a room robot, market reaction, also can only be frozen products. Outbreak let many intelligent precision parts processing products on the front desk, room robots are examples. Original room robot for catering enterprises have no interest, now only room robots can solve the problems facing their present. Many business catering business, get out of the water, with the outbreak now want to return to work and production, we must make the non-contact catering. Make room robot to participate in the distribution, avoid large eat-in, blocking cross infection, is really a good idea. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer didn't dream of, his avant-garde ideas, thought from the market, did not expect this wave of pneumonia brought business opportunities, to his room robot order has increased sharply.
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