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The mechanical parts processing, blockade enterprises

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-21
Since the smartphone is popular, ningbo precision machining service is an important part of the global mobile phone industry chain. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises can literally, the world any a phone cannot leave the ningbo service, a lot of mechanical parts machining are in ningbo, and assembly to the global. In this process, the ningbo mobile phone and so precision parts processing enterprises, design, production, also to go to America to purchase some key precision parts and components, eventually make their own brand. China's smartphone, actually also is a successful example of sino-us trade cooperation, sometimes-complex mix-and-match I have you, mutual benefit and reciprocity. Provoked a trade war, but the United States unilaterally ban American mobile phones precision parts company to some Chinese enterprises to export goods, if we can stop China's leading mobile phone companies, maybe in the middle of the United States. However, independent innovation has always been the lifeblood of CNC precision machinery processing enterprises in China, buy don't come back, then the research and development. Everything comes to him who waits, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises overcomes one difficulty, face a tough one after another, no loading of the precision parts of intelligent mobile phone already listed in ningbo, Chinese companies would never be intimidated by big difficulties. The precision parts really won't we, high-end technology competition, after all, can't avoid!
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