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The meaning of copper products processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-07
The significance of copper products processing today by ningbo copper products manufacturers to share in the actual application, any kind of products are various series of machining and inspection can be arranged for the sale and use to the outside world. According to the data showed that copper products processing finished work most times an item inside. After all, has the excellent properties of mechanical equipment to produce more quality products. With the development of modern industry, mechanical structure and configuration has become a focus, only constantly promoted the technology, the future development of all kinds of industry to have greater play. Copper products processing is to point to by a mechanical device to change the shape of workpiece size or performance. According to the differences in processing methods can be divided into cutting machining and pressure. Mechanical parts are made up of several surface, studies the relative relations on the surface of the parts, must determine a benchmark, the benchmark is used to determine other parts of dot, line, the position is based on dot, line, face. According to the different function of the benchmark, the benchmark can be divided into two categories, design datum and technology datum. Benchmark copper products processing design is used to determine the other points on the part drawing, line, face the location of the benchmark, known as design basis. Copper products processing process benchmarking refers to the parts used in the process of processing and assembling of the benchmark, known as benchmark process. Process benchmarking is divided into different according to the use assembly datum, measurement datum and position datum. A, assembly benchmark: used to determine when the assembly parts in parts or products in the position of the benchmark, known as assembly benchmark. Measurement benchmark: to test finished surface size and position of the benchmark, referred to as the measuring datum. Three, locating datum: when machining workpiece positioning the benchmark, known as the locating datum. As the surface of the locating datum ( Or line and point) , only the first step in choosing raw surface of the blank, the positioning surface of said crude benchmark. In each working procedure has been machined surface can be adopted as a locating datum, the positioning surface of the said fine benchmark.
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