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The material requirements of precision machinery parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-07
What data is not to be able to stop precision machinery parts processing, some data is too large, hardness across the hardness of the machining parts, may collapse the part, so the data is not suitable for precision mechanical parts processing, unless it is made of special material parts, or laser cut. Information about fine mechanical parts processing is divided into two categories, metal materials and nonmetal materials. Information about metal, the hardness of stainless steel, the second is cast iron, followed by copper, after is aluminum. And ceramic, plastic and other processing is attributed to non-metallic materials processing. Precision machinery parts processing mainly puts forward the request on material hardness, for some sites, information is the higher hardness, the better, just limited to machining parts hardness request, processing of the data can't be too hard, also just assume than part will not be able to process. Data of soft hard moderate, at least to a level lower than the hardness of the parts, together to see what is the role of the device used for processing, rational selection of parts. Precision machinery parts processing there are still some to a request for information, not what material is suitable for processing, for example, too soft or too hard, the former is necessary without processing, and cannot be processed. So, must pay attention to information density before processing. Assume that the density is too large, is equal to the hardness is very big also, if the hardness across the parts ( Lathe turning tool) Hardness, cannot be processed, not only can damage parts, will also pose a risk, for example turning collapse in cuts, etc. Therefore, general speaking, about mechanical processing, information material is lower than the hardness of machine tool, such ability is processing.
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