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The main design constraints about CNC machining parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-06
We know that the CNC parts processing provides a great design flexibility, but there are some design constraints. Precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, it seems, these restrictions related to the basic mechanics of cutting process, and is mainly associated with the use of tool geometry and tools. Today, small make up take you familiar with the design restrictions: 1, tool geometry in the process of CNC machining parts, CNC cutting tools of the most common ( End mill and drill bits) Has a cylindrical shape and cutting length is limited. As the material removal from the workpiece, cutting tool geometry was transported to the machining parts. This means, for example, no matter how little use of cutting tools, precision parts processing inside always has the radius. 2, tools, access to remove material, cutting tool directly from above close to the workpiece. If it is unable to access function in this way, so can't for CNC machining parts. This rule has an exception: bite edge. Pay attention to ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, we will be in the back of the part we introduce how to use the undercut in the design. In precision parts processing, the design of good habits are all features of the model ( Pore, cavity, vertical wall, etc. ) One of the six main direction. Because the five axis CNC system has advanced workpiece clamping function, so please send this rule as a suggestion rather than limit. When the process has the characteristics of Gao Shenkuan than tool access is also a problem. For example, to get to the bottom of the deep cavity, need to use the special tool with a long pole. This reduces the stiffness of the end executor, increases the precision and reduce the vibration. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer general advice, a good design can use the maximum diameter and length of the shortest tool machining parts.
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