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The machining characteristic of nc machine tools

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-03
More nc parts.com/machining' target='_blank'>machine tools machining features: 1. Processing of high precision nc machine tools is processed by order number, the current CNC machine pulse equivalent common reached 0. 001 mm and give the direction of the transmission chain into the gap and the screw pitch error and so on all can compensate by numerical control device, so the numerical control machine tool can reach a high machining accuracy, for small and medium-sized nc machine tools, precision can reach 0. 3 mm, repeat positioning accuracy is 0. 01 mm, moreover, the numerical control machine tools and machine tool structure of transmission system has high rigidity and stability, high precision manufacturing, numerical control machine tool automatic processing method to avoid the interference by human factors, the size of the same parts good consistency and product percent of pass is high, the processing quality is very stable. 2. High efficiency pieces processing time required maneuvering time and auxiliary time, numerical control machine tool can effectively reduce time this two parts, adjustment of nc machine tools spindle speed and feed range than the range of ordinary machine tool, so the numerical control machine tool every working procedure can choose the best cutting parameter; From fast moving to check adopted measures of acceleration, deceleration, both increase the speed of movement, and guarantee the positioning accuracy, effectively reduce mobile time, nc equipment replacement artifacts, don't need to adjust the machine, with a number of workpiece machining quality is stable, do not need to stop testing, greatly shorten the auxiliary time, especially in the trial of automatic tool change device CNC processing center, can be on the same machine tools to achieve multichannel process continuous processing, production efficiency is more obvious.
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