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The industrial workers to reduce, affects the precision parts processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-21
Let us once again, great trump has always wanted to revive American manufacturing. Industrial workers in the United States has been falling, however, a new precision parts processing production line in the United States will face can't find the plight of workers, manufacturing to want how to restore? Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises know that industrialization is a systems engineering, and no manpower support, money is not enough. The nc parts processing industry has a problem, adept people will understand. In the 80 s, nearly 200000 industrial workers in the United States, it is also the specular period precision parts processing industry. Then, American companies began to transfer the low-end industries to foreign, ningbo precision machining industry is also caught the world's trend began to rise. The number of workers on the one hand, is the industry began to decline, on the one hand, is China's growing population dividend, provide manpower support to the development of CNC machining parts. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, ningbo precision machinery processing industry has become a part of the world's factory. Because have a lot of cheap industrial workers, enterprise is the production line, including the United States have moved to China. And the number of workers in the United States is a bluff type slump, time of only 110000 people. At the time of the Obama administration has incentive policy, industrial workers to return to a little more than 120000. Ningbo precision machining experts point out that if a country wants to develop manufacturing industry, more than 120000 industrial workers, only is not enough. And 120000 industrial workers, from the United States now is not concentrated in precision parts processing industry, but from software and semiconductor field, especially the Internet. Ordinary workers in the United States, there is no benefit in the policy support, there is no work, they may face a more embarrassing situation than Chinese workers.
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