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The global wave of transfer precision parts processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-02
As the sino-us trade friction to abate also, precision parts processing industry of heavily reliant on export markets, to evade punitive tariffs in the United States, go to factories in southeast Asia is a way. Actually, to some extent, also is complying with the wave of global transfer of CNC parts processing industry, now just in the process of the history of a wave. In the 1960 s, precision parts processing industry started early industry transfer. Started from the United States to Japan and Asian emerging industrial economy, mainly concentrated in the field of labor intensive, there are also part of the capital intensive areas. Japan could become a CNC parts processing power, that is, in this wave to lay the foundation. In the 1970 s, precision parts processing industry started the second wave of industry transfer. Japan began to undertake the transfer of technology-intensive industry, at the same time, Asia's emerging industrial economies are beginning to undertake transfer of capital-intensive industries in Japan, southeast Asia has begun to undertake these countries transfer labor-intensive industries, the initial ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory in the rise of the wave. In the 1980 s, precision parts processing industry started the third wave of global industry shift. Large CNC machining parts such as the United States, Japan began to shift towards Asia's emerging industrial economy standardized capital and technology-intensive industry, at the same time, labor intensive and capital intensive industries from these countries began to asean, gradient industry transfer is obvious. Since the late 1990 s, China's 'world factory' identity began to concentrate, especially today we see a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer began to meet us, Japan, Asia's emerging industrial economies of labor-intensive industry transfer. Ningbo precision machinery processing industry now, began to consider whether to go to Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries invest.
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