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The factors affecting precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-13
Mechanical parts processing industry is the pillar industry of national economy, has a very considerable prospect. When processing precision machinery parts, processing factory to processing technology, there are many requirements and regulations, to ensure that the percent of pass of outgoing parts. So you know what are the factors affecting precision parts processing? Below we together and see it! Precision parts processing technology is put forward in the 1960 s, it is to improve the performance of the mechanical and electrical products, quality, service life and reliability, and the section bar can be an important method, precision processing refers to processing error is less than 0. 1 m, the surface roughness is less than RA0. 025 ixm processing technology, also known as the sub-micron machining, precision parts processing level is an important symbol of country manufacturing. In addition to the hydraulic and pneumatic precision parts processing, and the source of fluctuations, the working environment has a great influence on the processing quality, so that the work environment is a necessary condition to ensure the quality of processing, the work environment are mainly temperature, purification and vibration resistance. Environmental temperature change is especially significant effect on the accuracy of machine tools, including due to the temperature change of the machining error caused by heat factor, total processing error ( 40, 70) % of dust can cause surface scratch, and influence the surface quality in the process, such as vibration, and machining surface have stripes or fabric, surface roughness is decreased obviously. With high precision parts processing, more and more strict to the requirement of processing environment, only in precision parts processing on the fluctuation of gas pressure and temperature changes, external and natural vibration analysis of three aspects, precision parts processing, the influence of many factors, in order to improve the accuracy of ultra-precision machining, not only to understand the impact of factors, also must have a solution. Above is the mechanical parts processing factory would like to share with you about what are the factors influencing the precision of parts processing, hope can help to you!
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