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The effective way of parts processing quality was improved

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-03-20
Parts processing quality can be an effective way to improve in order to further improve the quality of the precision parts processing, needs to be the main cause of machining errors in time, and the corresponding solution measures. There are many this kind of method is aimed at a CNC precision parts processing quality, and that will be how to apply respectively? To improve the quality of the precision parts processing, error grouping method can be used, in order to make the whole batch of workpiece greatly reduce the size of the dispersion scope. For example at the time of finish machining tooth form, in order to ensure the processing after the ring gear and gear inner hole alignment, will need to narrow the fitting clearance of gear inside diameter and the mandrel. In production according to the size of the gear is often grouped, and cooperate with the corresponding packet spindle, it's a way to divide the original error due to clearance, to improve the precision of parts. Is another kind of error compensation method, help to eliminate the original process system inherent in the original error, so as to reduce the machining error, the purpose of the machining accuracy. Error transfer method is one of the ways to improve the quality of precision parts processing, is essentially the process system of geometric error, mechanical deformation and thermal deformation transferred to does not affect the machining accuracy of aspects. Precision parts processing, can also through the error homogenization method to improve its quality, it can make the local greater error is processing affect the entire surface evenly, make to the workpiece surface machining error is relatively uniform, thus the workpiece machining accuracy is greatly improved. In addition, in situ processing method and the direct method is also a good way to reduce error, can effectively guarantee the quality of precision parts processing, check the unnecessary errors. Especially not only involves the precision of the component itself, but also involved with other parts of the complex relationship between time, on-site processing method can be used. Such as the need to learn more about the latest news CNC precision parts processing, welcome to click into our website: https://www.henryparts.com/
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