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The development of laser processing accessories industry - industrial

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-13
Along with the transition of the aircraft and automobile industry to the composite materials, increasing permeability of high power laser. The laser processing accessories demand increasing. Laser application scenario, the market application of high permeability, formed a complete industrial chain. At present, laser processing accessories and services have been all over the world, forming a rich and laser industry. In addition to a series of laser application in industrial processes, new technology application scenarios are also gradually developed. Due to its high power, high concentration and high precision, laser equipment in the field of communication, medical treatment and instrument measurement also shows its adaptability. Because of their excellent characteristics, and China, the demand of high-end manufacturing transformation, laser are increasingly adopted by downstream customers, in the manufacture of laser processing accessories to replace the traditional processing methods, including in cutting to replace the traditional thread cutting and plasma cutting, to replace the traditional argon arc welding in the welding. From the point of industry layout, international manufacturers still occupy the absolute advantage in high power market, the world famous manufacturers, including apache, mitsubishi heavy industries, kawasaki heavy industries, etc. Laser domestic enterprises are mainly concentrated in the downstream application, the overall pattern of scattered. After recent years of rapid development, the laser industry in China has made great progress. : laser and south China university of technology in the downstream application link, in addition to, the science and technology, the fruit industry enterprise, market structure; At present, mainly middle laser sharp laser, chong xin laser and domestic manufacturers, jie put fiber laser has a core component of independent production ability, the future will benefit from the expansion of the size of the market and import substitution. The laser industry in China is in a high-speed development stage. At present, the domestic manufacturers in the field of low power laser dominated, breakthrough products has also been made in high power laser, the core components of the import substitution still has great space. As the representative of the high-tech products, laser processing accessories also have high barriers. As the industry competition is expected to further improve the localization rate
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