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The development direction of mechanical processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-21
More machinery manufacturing industry for the development of the national economy in the whole country to provide the technology and equipment, the development level is one of the main symbol of a country industrialization degree, because of this, machinery industry is developing at a furious pace. First, as the global economic and cultural exchanges, machinery industry also faces a challenge, so the booming machinery industry also is toward the direction of globalization, national machinery enterprise product development are in open public platforms, the use of abundant resources to develop society. Secondly, for such a fully informationization society now, machinery industry does not change is not enough, so I think, in the future, the machinery industry will not be constrained to a single mechanical engineering technology, but with the advanced electronic control technology, and closely combining the software engineering technology, make the mechanical engineering real information, intelligent, agile, the human thorough liberation from the heavy labor, thus to a higher level of creative work. There are two, I saw on the news that one is now machinery industry is working hard to improve equipment flexibility, that is to say, to make the engineers designed the process equipment and technology of the circuit is more flexible, can adapt to the needs of the various products. Second, improve the engineering level of motors, in people's impression, mechanical equipment is large and bulky, and it is impossible to finish the work of precision, but now the engineers are working on equipment of ultra precision machining, micro machining, ultra high speed cutting, etc. , should be in the near future, will also make the mechanical equipment has more advanced functions. Again, for the mechanical or related enterprises have to do is update production strategy, develop service thinking, in other words, different products in different markets, based on the same basic structure, then later change in the manufacturing process design, so that we can make the products to adapt to the needs of specific customer groups, thinking is the product and service individuation, human nature. Finally, and I think the most important point. Advocate environmental protection in the world today, for the sustainable development of low carbon machinery industry will move in that direction, both process equipment manufacturing and product design and manufacturing process should strive to low environmental pollution, simple process, optimizing the configuration. To sum up, in my opinion, machinery industry in the future is toward intelligent, digital, integrated, virtualization, clean development, integrated electronics, information, materials, energy, modern management disciplines such as product design, manufacturing, testing, management, sales, use and service of high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, green, flexible high-end hot industry.
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