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The development and application of precision machining technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-11
Precision machining technology is to meet the demand of modern high-tech and the development of advanced manufacturing technology, is the foundation of other high-tech. It fully used the modern electronic, sensing technology, machinery, optics and computer technology and the new achievement of the development of the high-tech. It is a basic technology in the field of high-tech, in the construction of national defense modernization of science and technology and national economy plays a vital role. At the same time, as the basis of high-tech technology and an important part, it promoted the semiconductor technology, photoelectric technology and the cross development and development of materials science and many other technology. The machining accuracy of 1 micron processing method, precision machining precision machine tools to use in a strictly controlled environment conditions and precision instrument and meter. The machining accuracy and more than 0. 1 micron, called the ultra precision machining. In the aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used for the control equipment of precision machinery parts, such as precision parts in hydraulic and pneumatic servo system, the framework of gyroscope, case, air flotation, fluid bearing assemblies and float, etc. Aircraft precision components of complex structure, low rigidity, high precision and difficult to machining materials proportion is big. The effect of the precision machining process as follows: 1, parts of the geometry shape and position precision of micron or Angle of seconds; 2, the limit of the parts or features size tolerance below micron; 3, the surface microscopic non-uniformity ( Irregular surface of the average height difference) Less than zero. 1 micron; 4, complementary parts can satisfy the requirement of combining ability; 5, components can also meet the requirements of precision mechanical or other physical properties, such as floating gyroscope torsion bar torsion stiffness and the stiffness coefficient of flexible components. In recent years, the car, the mould parts and metal processing USES mostly in the form of nc machine tool as the center of production. When making hole processing, most of them are using advanced equipment, such as machining center and CNC machine tools. Machine has high speed, high precision drilling. The agenda. No matter in any field of precision machining, high precision and high speed are obtained customers order the important means of competition. Given yuan was founded in 2009, is located in baoan district in ningbo city. Main business projects including mechanical parts processing and manufacturing, machinery accessories; Manufacturing parts, fixture production; The fixture production; Supporting parts production; Mechanical automation manufacturing; Precision parts processing; Precision components processing. Hardware processing; The screw processing; Non standard parts production; Aluminum processing; Copper products processing; Exquisite pieces of production and processing; Profile fencing frame design and manufacturing.
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