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The determination of CNC precision processing route

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-26
The determination of more abstract: CNC precision machining route: CNC lathe feed processing route is a tool from the knife point ( Or machine fixed origin) Start up, until the return to that point and end the route processing program, including cutting paths and cutting tool cuts and cut out the cutting spare travel path. Finishing the feed line are basically along the contour order, therefore, to determine the feed line focus is to determine the rough machining and empty trip feed line. In the numerical control lathe processing, processing route to determine the general should follow the principle of the following aspects. 1. Should be able to guarantee the machining precision and surface roughness. 2. Cut shorter processing route, travel time, improve the machining efficiency. 3. Try to simplify the numerical calculation workload, simplify the processing procedure. 4. Should be used for repeated use of certain procedures, subroutine.
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