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The current intelligent precision parts processing industry opportunities

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-13
Factors in the demographic dividend decay, precision parts processing and automation needs to accelerate the release of the development of the situation, the current intelligent processing industry in China's rapid rise and explosion, the CNC parts processing enterprises is 'machine substitution' moved forward, the trend of the transformation and upgrading of industry increasingly strong. Just, in such a surge of boom, intelligent precision machinery processing industry development in our country's short board is especially obvious. Due to inadequate precision parts processing core technology and standard construction is not perfect, lead to a lot of mechanical parts processing products are heavily dependent on imports, is a serious impediment to the further expansion of the domestic intelligent processing industry. In the future, to master the core technology of high quality, high precision CNC machining parts, developed with independent intellectual property rights of domestic core parts, will impel the intelligent precision parts processing industry in China is the key to development to mature. During the two sessions this year, as the government work report 'smart +', and each of the robot of artificial intelligence to further deepen, again for the domestic development and expansion of precision parts processing provides a good condition. Under the influence, the future of our country intelligence processing can not only continue positive role in nc parts processing factory automation, intelligent storage at the same time, the wisdom logistics, intelligent transportation and consumption will also made great achievements. On the one hand, the international giant precision parts processing are facing the problem of insufficient supply capacity, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer in the domestic price advantage, intelligent processing customized service began to spread. International giant, on the other hand, the deepening China's market also led to the transfer of industry chain, is for our CNC parts processing enterprises with technology, talents and reset of the supply chain. Coupled with the support of government policy, continuous optimization and improvement of the domestic market environment, are brought for the outbreak of the domestic intelligent precision parts processing industry development is good.
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