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The CNC machining techniques

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-14
Many more general rules of the road a coarse: under the maximum load of machine tool, the vast majority of cases should be chosen as large as possible the knife, as large as possible the amount of feed, feed as fast as possible. In the case of the same knife, into giving is inversely proportional to the amount of feed. In general, the load on the machine tool is not the problem, the principle of choosing tools mainly according to the product Angle of two-dimensional and three-dimensional arc is too small to consider. Choose good knife blade length, then the principle of grew up knife in processing depth, master piece to consider to chuck to see if there is interference. Laser scalpel, laser scalpel in order to meet the workpiece surface roughness, set aside the appropriate allowance processing requirements. Similarly, laser scalpel to choose as far as possible big knife, as soon as possible, because fine knife need a long time, in the most appropriate feed and feed. Under the same feeding transverse feed the faster, the greater the surface after the finish of feed quantity and processing, the size of the feed related to surface appearance shape, not hurt the case, leave the smallest margin, with one of the biggest, the fastest speed, the proper feed. The clamping method 1, all the clamping is cross long vertical short. 2, clamping vise: should be not less than 10 mm, the clamping in machining workpiece clamping must be specified height and height. Processing should be higher than vice planar 5 mm or so, the purpose is to guarantee robustness, at the same time does not hurt and vice. This kind of clamping belong to general clamping, the clamping height and size of the workpiece, the workpiece, the greater the clamping height increases accordingly. 3, splint clamping: plywood with wang yard on the workbench, workpiece with a screw lock on the plywood, this kind of clamping for clamping height is not enough and force larger workpieces, generally large workpiece, the effect is better. Iron clamp: 4, code in the workpiece is larger, the clamping height is not enough, and no lock on the bottom Lei wire, iron clamp with yard. This kind of clamping to the second clamping, code first corners, processing good rest, then code edges, processing and four corners. The second clamping, don't let loose artifacts, code first, then the pine. Can also first yards on either side, processing on both sides of the other. 5, clamping tool: more than 10 mm in diameter, the clamping length not less than 30 mm; Under 10 mm in diameter, the clamping length not less than 20 mm. Tool clamping wants firm, fight bump a knife and directly inserted into the workpiece. The classification of the cutting tool and its applicable range 1, according to the material points: low white steel knife: easy to wear and tear, used for copper male and small steel is expected to open. Low tungsten steel knife: used in Angle (qing Especially the steel material) And laser scalpel. Low alloy knife: similar to the tungsten steel knife. Low purple knife; Used for high speed cutting, not easy to wear. 2, according to the cutting head points: low flat knife: used for plane and straight profile, the plane Angle. Low spher mill: for various kinds of surface light, laser scalpel. Low cow nose knife ( Unilateral, bilateral and five edge) : used for steel is expected to open thick ( R0. 8,R0。 3、R0。 5、R0。 4) 。 For the low coarse skin knife: coarse, pay attention to the left margin method ( 0. 3) 。 3, according to the cutter bar points: low straight rod knife: straight rod cutter for various occasions. Low diagonal knife: a straight but does not apply to face and the slope is less than in the tilt of the rod surface. 4, according to the edge points, two, three, four blade, blade, blade blade number, the more the better, but the work is done, the corresponding adjustment speed and feed, blade number of long service life. 5, the difference between the spher mill and fly knife laser scalpel: spher mill: concave feet is smaller than the ball feet, flat feet less than R, the ball less than light, Clearly less than the base) 。 Fly knife: advantage is to clear the base. Like mechanical friend can focus on intuitive learning mechanical WeChat ID. The comparison of the same parameter: n = R * many faster (omega Lanceolatus) , great strength out of bright light, mainly used for contour shape, sometimes with knife-throwing without light. Defect is concave and flat feet less than fly cutter diameter less than time. Drawing destiny question 1, under no ready finish surface, plane on every point, the center of the origin, the top face zero, top surface is not usual, Copper is concerned) Leave a 0. Touch number 1 allowance, namely, the actual 0 ( z) , low 0 on the drawing. 1. 2, when have a ready-made processing surface, make the figure on the existing in the face of 0 ( z) And points in the plane can points, otherwise to ready-made edge touch ( Unilateral) Machined surface is to check the actual height, width, length and drawings, according to the actual material to programming. Generally, the size of processed into first chart reprocessing shapes on the drawing. 3, when more bits processing, the first ( Standard) , will put a few other good benchmark gong, three high gongs, above all the next processing reference to time has been processed surface shall prevail.
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