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The choice of precision parts machining center

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-19
More more than 1, small batch and production of 2, complex shape machining accuracy high, general nc machine tool will not be able to handle or it is difficult to guarantee the quality of machining parts. More than 3, in the process of machining, must perform in the process, such as must be finished in the clamping milling, boring, such as economic hinge or development process. 4, it is necessary to strictly control the tolerance of 5 parts, large workpiece cutting allowance 6, it is difficult to measure, difficult to control the feed, difficult to control cavity shell or the size of the box type parts. 7, the change of the process, design of shenzhen FuJia industrial co. , LTD is a precision parts processing, hardware machinery parts processing, CNC precision parts processing, precision parts processing, processing scope: mechanical processing, CNC processing, parts processing, metal processing, CNC machining, lathe processing, mold processing, milling machine processing, metal processing, grinding machine processing. If has the need to welcome consulting contact 13417500060
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