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The characteristics of the precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-28
What are the characteristics of high precision spare parts? Five-axis linkage machining center, it is a kind of high technology content, high precision, specially used for machining complex curved surface machining center, this kind of machining center system of a country's aviation, Marine, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high precision and so on the medical equipment industry has a decisive influence. A, what are the five axis machining center of five-axis linkage machining has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, a clamping workpiece can complete complex processing. Able to adapt to such as auto parts, aircraft structures now mold processing. Five-axis linkage machining center and pentahedron machining center there is a big difference. Many people don't know this, mistaking pentahedron machining center as a five-axis linkage machining center. Five-axis linkage machining center with X, Y, Z, A, C, five axis, XYZ and AC spindle formation, five-axis linkage machining spatial curved surface processing, stone processing, hollow out processing, punching, inclined holes, oblique cutting, etc. And 'pentahedron machining center' is similar to the three axis machining center, but it can do five surface at the same time, but it can't do the heterogeneous type processing, such as DaXie holes, cutting slope, etc. In addition, five-axis linkage machining center has a very wide range of application scope, to understand the current five-axis linkage nc processing center system is to solve the impeller, vane, Marine propeller, heavy generator rotor wheels, auto machine, large diesel engine crankshaft, and so on processing and the only way. Second, the advantages of five axis machining center 1, reduce the processing time, improve the machining accuracy. Five-axis linkage machining center the biggest characteristics is a one-time clamping can put the five sides processing. The so-called processing Angle give way. If it is A linkage machine tool, C axis can be unlimited rotation, A shaft can rotate 130 degrees. These devices feature makes process interference will not occur. Is that the benefits of such a clamping can finish machining, which avoids many repeated positioning error brought by the clamping. At the same time, a clamping also save a lot of time, improve the working efficiency. To reduce from products to the delivery time, reduce inventory cargo. 2, reduce equipment investment cost, workshop covers an area of and number of the plant. Five-axis linkage machining center around composite processing machine, usually with a car, from even to the lathe milling machine to vertical mill can be included, as we all know the price of the roller mill equipment is very expensive, by cost accounting and machining time can be found that five axis of high cost performance. After all the production processing may give priority to with engineering division type, the mode of production the problem is that there are a lot of waiting time cannot eliminate. But five axis composite processing equipment represented by the engineering intensive production only need early wait for debugging time, and with the popularity of the present domestic all kinds of the machine simulation software, only need to import the blank data can even finish programming, can greatly shorten the preparation. So the foreign auto parts and high-end manufacturing base are five axis is given priority to. 3, do not need special jig, can realize automation. Five axis is another significant feature of the dependence of the fixture will reduce, rule them four jaw chuck with three jaw clamping workpiece, irregular workpiece using a two pin. Five-axis linkage machining center at the same time can realize automation, less humanization of the factory. Such as the processing of the robot joints and base. Before is to use a lie plus with vertical and complex processing, now only USES zero tray with five-axis linkage machining center, 24 hours processing operation can be realized. More about what are the characteristics of the precision parts processing content to share here, you must be in strict accordance with the additional drawings for processing, processing of actual size won't theory and drawing the same size, but, as long as the dimensions in the range of allowable error are qualified parts, so the precision parts processing requirement is in strict accordance with the theoretical size for processing.
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