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The characteristics of CNC precision parts processing have?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-03-30
The characteristics of CNC precision parts processing have? Hello, everyone, today small make up to introduce you to the characteristics of CNC precision parts processing. Spindle for the state of the parallel processing center is called the horizontal machining center, in general there are 3 - horizontal machining center Of five motion axes, common horizontal machining center are three linear axes and one rotary axis motion, horizontal machining center workbench mostly square, it can complete artifacts on workpiece one outfit can all aspects of the processing. Why is there such structure characteristics, because can be more precise, accurate CNC precision parts processing. Classification and its structure is divided into a variety of, is a diversified structure. Including spindle box of position classification: the spindle box is hanging and spindle box side hang both; Classified by columns are: a fixed column and dynamic column both; According to the classification of shapes of machine tool is: T and T two; According to the classification of Z axis feed are: Z axis workbench feed, Z axis column feed, Z axis into ram, to three; And in the industry are classified according to post. Here are fine talk about one of them. Fixed pillar structure and characteristics of the horizontal machining center, which is divided into three kinds. Column is fixed, the spindle box, Y to exercise the workbench do Z, X is a kind of sport, spindle box, Y, Z to exercise the workbench is an X to exercise; Spindle box, Y, X to exercise workbench doing Z to sports is a kind of; This is the fixed column horizontal machining center, precision CNC machining feature good rigidity structure, high precision, easy to install, etc. If you need to know more information about CNC precision parts processing, welcome to click into our company's website https://www. henryparts。 com/
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