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The characteristics of CNC precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-03-28
CNC precision parts processing and the characteristics of the coating production of spare parts of small make up to tell you what is the distinguishing feature of CNC precision parts processing? Precision parts must be in the actual application accuracy is higher, the more elaborate the better reflects the level of processing and quality, at the same time this kind of product is more popular with consumers, generally in the processing of nc machining has incomparable advantages and characteristics, its product quality is usually higher, so what are the characteristics of CNC precision parts processing? 1, first of all, CNC precision parts processing and production efficiency higher, CNC machining parts can process multiple surface at the same time, compared to common lathe processing, can save a lot of process, save time, the parts and nc machining quality is relatively ordinary lathe is much stable. 2, CNC precision parts processing has an irreplaceable role in new product development, generally through programming can be different, complex parts processing, and only need to change the lathe modification and update the design of the program, it can greatly shorten the product development cycle. 3, CNC precision parts processing and automation degree is very enough, greatly reduce the physical labor intensity of workers, workers do not need to be like ordinary lathe in machining process as the entire control, main is to look at the lathe and supervision. But the corresponding nc machining technology content is higher than ordinary lathe, so relatively ordinary lathe demand higher mental work. 4. Initial investment is relatively ordinary lathe, because the price of the CNC lathe is very high, and the maintenance cost and long processing was suggested for the first time. Coating production of spare parts such as the need to learn more about the latest news, please click into our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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