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The basic knowledge of nc machining technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-03
Factory introduction to mechanical parts processing factory inspection report how to understand the original error? Analysis of the main contents are: CNC programming parts design to determine process, numerical calculation, write, and processing procedures, proofreading and cut the first try. Analysis pattern, determine the process on the CNC machine tool processing parts, process engineering to get the raw material is the part drawing. According to part drawing, can to parts of shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, workpiece material, blank type and heat treatment conditions were analyzed, and then select the machine tools, cutting tools, determine the positioning clamping device, processing methods, processing order and the size of the cutting parameter. In determining the technological process, should fully consider the directive function of CNC machine tools used, give full play to the efficiency of the machine tool, fewer do reasonable processing route, feeding and short processing time, etc. In addition, you should fill in the relevant technology documents, such as the nc machining process card, nc cutter card, feeding road map, etc. Calculation of tool path coordinates according to part drawing geometry size and set of programming coordinate system, calculates the cutting tool center orbit, got all the cutter location data. General CNC system has the function of linear interpolation and circular interpolation, for relatively simple planar shape parts ( Such as parts of line and arc) Contour machining, you just need to calculate the geometric elements of starting point and end point, arc center ( Or the circular arc radius) , two geometrical element intersection point or tangent point coordinate values. If no tool compensation function, numerical control system is motion trajectory of cutter center coordinates calculation. For the complex shape parts ( Such as composed of non-circular curve and curved surface parts) , need to use the straight line segment ( Or the circular arc section) Close to the actual curve or surface, according to the required machining accuracy to calculate the coordinates of the node. Write parts processing program according to the processing route to calculate the tool motion trajectory data and the process parameters have been identified and auxiliary action, programmers can be used in accordance with the instructions of the function of the CNC system regulation and procedures section format, piecewise write parts processing program. Writing should be paid attention to: first, the standardization of the program written, should be easy to express and communicate; Second, on the performance of nc machine tools used with instruction, on the basis of fully familiar with all the skills, and program of instruction using writing skills.
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