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The basic knowledge of CNC lathe processing and control accuracy

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-04
More common sense and control of the CNC lathe processing precision CNC lathe processing the basic common sense, repeatability of production parts using CNC grinding process to prepare occupied higher proportion of working hours. Process analysis preparation, such as programming, parts first adjusted trial cut, etc. , the sum of the comprehensive working hours tend to be individual parts processing hours on dozens of times to one hundred times, but these CNC lathe work content can be stored repeatedly used, so a part on the nc grinding machine successfully trial-produced repeat and put into operation, greatly reduce the production cycle, less cost, can achieve better economic benefit. Second, the key to ensure machining quality and efficient production of CNC grinding machine, small batch key parts can be under computer control to realize high precision, high quality, high efficiency grinding. It is special grinding machine processing can save a lot of special process equipment, have strong ability of flexible manufacturing and obtain good economic benefit. It and common grinding ratio, can eliminate the complex processing of many man-made interference factors in the long process flow, consistency and interchangeability good precision machining parts, high processing efficiency. Three comprehensive processing capacity, parts of balance as a single CNC grinding machine, it is difficult to complete a all parts processing, CNC lathe processing need and other processing operations through coordination with the equipment, and therefore have a beat and workshop production capacity balance demands. So should consider to give full play to the CNC lathe processing, CNC lathe and to reasonably arrange balance matching process in other processing equipment. Understand the basic common sense, then how should we control accuracy? Four, some special parts processing consider some parts while processing bulk is small, but ordinary lathe complex shape, high quality, good interchangeability, it can not meet the above requirements on the CNC grinding machine, can only arrange to machining on CNC grinding machine, such as a parabola, cycloid CAM and special type surface mirror mirror etc. Preliminary steps to make sure the CNC lathe processing of batch process requirement, machining parts, and formulate the input for the functions of the CNC lathe, reasonable choice of CNC lathe precondition to meet the technological requirements of typical parts of typical parts of process requirement is mainly parts structure size, processing range and accuracy. According to the accuracy requirement, that is, the size of the workpiece precision, position precision and surface roughness requirements to select the control precision of the numerical control lathe processing. Choose according to reliability, reliability is the guarantee to improve product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of nc machine tool is refers to the machine to perform its function under prescribed conditions, run stably for a long time without fail. The MTBF is long, even if there is something wrong with the, short time internal energy recovery, to be put into use. Choose reasonable structure, fine workmanship, and has set up a batch production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the numerical control system. General import system has ling, Japan's three laws that, Germany's Siemens, domestic have a wide number of Kane emperor, the new generation of more commonly used.
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