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The basic concept of carved machine

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-20
The basic concept of more carved machine generally considered carved machine is the use of small tools, high power and high speed CNC milling machine spindle motor. Abroad is not the concept of carved machine, mold they are machining center ( Computer gong) Milling is given priority to, but processing center has its limits, especially in with a small tool processing small mould will be ragged, and cost is very high. At the start of the domestic only the concept of CNC engraving machine, engraving machine's advantage in carving, if processing material hardness is larger also can appear out of puff. The emergence of the carved machine to fill the gaps between the two, so to speak. Carved machine can engraving and milling, is a kind of high efficiency and high precision nc machine tools. Carved machine shape structure and engraving machines, engraving and milling machine, machining center ( Computer gong) Are very similar in appearance structure, here are four comparative analysis: conceptually: processing center, Taiwan and Hong Kong and guangdong area called computer gongs, with knife library and automatic tool change device is a kind of highly automated multi-function nc machine tools. The first processing center in America in 1958. It can be achieved after a clamping workpiece can be milling, drilling, boring, ream and tapping process of intensive processing, special emphasis on 'mill' function. Spindle speed engraving machine: it fitted her for small tool processing, torque is small, focuses on 'carving' functions, such as wood, Specialized processing board called wood carving machine) , double-color board, acrylic board of hardness is not high, not a great work for the strong cutting pieces. Most 'engraving machine banner currently on the market of products is mainly for processing craft, low cost, because the accuracy is not high, should not be used in the mold development; But there are exceptions such as chip engraving machine. Carved machine: as the name suggests. Is precise carving, can also be milling, carving machine on the basis of increasing the main spindle, servo motor, power lathe bed tolerance, while maintaining the high-speed spindle, more important is a high accuracy. Engraving and milling machine, engraving and milling machine carving and milling, is the transition between carved machine and machining center. Compared with carved machine, its advantage is stronger rigidity of machine, higher machining efficiency, large power, fast and suitable for soft metal heavy cutting. Compared to machining center advantages are: soft metals such as copper, aluminum die faster, finish machining speed is more efficient. Its drawbacks should not be for large workpiece thick, heavy cutting. Engraving and milling machine to high speed development, generally known as the high speed machine, cutting ability is stronger, the machining accuracy is very high, also can be directly processed material hardness above HRC60, forming at a time. Tell from the appearance of volume: largest processing center, large volume of 1690 type machine in 4 m * 3 m, small type 850 machine is 2. 5m*2. 5米; Carved machine, be in commonly 2 relatively large type 750 machine. 2m*2m; Engraving machine is minimal. Tell from the mechanical structure, cantilever type commonly used machining center, carved machine, engraving machine and general multi-purpose gantry structure, gantry is divided into beams and determinate beam, carved machine in the majority with fixed beam at present. Tell from the index data: the highest spindle speed ( r / min) : processing center, 8000; The most common 24000 carved machine, high-speed machine minimum 30000; Engraving machine is generally the same as the engraving and milling machine, engraving machine used to highlight processing can reach 80000, but that is not a general electric spindle but air bearing spindle. Spindle power: machining center is the largest, from a few kilowatts to dozens of kw; Carved machine, usually within 10 kw; Engraving machine is minimal. Cutting: machining center is the largest, is especially suitable for heavy cutting, open coarse; Carved machine, suitable for finishing; Engraving machine is minimal. Speed: due to the carved machine and carving machine is smaller and lighter, their movement speed and feed speed faster than processing center, especially the high-speed machine is equipped with linear motor speed up to 120 m/min precision: the accuracy of the three. Tell from the machining dimensions: table size can be the good response. The domestic machining center ( Computer gong) The smallest table size, Mm, hereinafter the same) In the 830 * 500 ( 850 machine) ; The biggest carved machine workbench area in 700 * 620 ( 750 machine) , the smallest is 450 * 450 ( 400 machine) ; Engraving machine generally not more than 450 * 450, common is 45 * 270 ( 250 machine) 。 Tell from the application object: used to complete a larger quantity milling machining center are artifacts of processing equipment, large mould, hardness of materials, also suitable for ordinary mould open coarse; Carved machine for small milling, small mould finishing, suitable for copper, graphite and other processing; Low-end carving machine is biased towards the wood, double-color board, acrylic board hardness is not high, such as sheet processing, high-end for chip, such as metal shell polishing burnish.
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