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The application scope of nc machining center

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-09
More 'style =' font - nc machining center Family: song typeface. font- 尺寸:18 px; 文本- - - - - - 装饰:下划线; '> CNC machining center, the application scope of machining center is mainly suitable for processing complicated shape and process, high precision of the workpiece. Body parts with more than one hole and the internal cavity more parts called box body parts, the parts in industry applications such as machine tools, cars, planes, such as automobile engine cylinder, gear case, machine tool spindle box, diesel engine cylinder block, gear pump shell, etc. Machining on machining center, a clamping ordinary machine tools can be completed the process content of 60% ~ 95%, in addition, with the precision of machining center itself and high machining efficiency, good stiffness and the characteristics of the automatic tool change, as long as make good technological process, reasonable use special fixtures and cutting tools, can solve the housing parts precision demand is higher, process more complex, and improve production efficiency, etc. Complex curved surface parts in aviation, aerospace and transportation, with complex curved surface parts of application is very wide, such as CAM, aviation engine, propeller, integral impeller mold cavity, etc. This kind of parts with complex curve and surface contour, or have not open the box inner chamber or shell parts, using common machine tool processing or precision casting is difficult to achieve a predetermined processing precision, and difficult to detect. And the use of multi-axis linkage machining center, with automatic programming techniques and special cutting tools, can greatly improve the production efficiency and ensure the accuracy of the curved surface shape, make the automatic processing of complex parts very easily. Special-shaped parts is irregular shape irregular parts, mostly need dot, line, face of multistage hybrid processing ( Such as stents, base, modeling, etc. ) 。 When machining special-shaped pieces, the more complex shape, the higher the accuracy requirement, using machining centers can show its superiority. Dish, set, plate parts with such artifacts including slotting and radial hole, end with a hole distribution department, curved surface of the plate or axial artifacts, such as flanged shaft sleeve, etc. , and with more away L plate parts processing, such as all kinds of motor cover, etc. Which end with distributed holes, curved surface of the plate parts often use vertical machining center, a radial away L can use horizontal machining center. New product trial production of the parts processing center has extensive adaptability and higher flexibility, replace the processing objects, and input the new program is just processing can be realized. Sometimes also can be part of the program by modifying the program or using some special instructions for processing. Such as using the zoom function instruction can be processed with the same shape but different size parts, for single piece and small batch, many varieties, production, product modification and new product trial production to provide great convenience, greatly shorten the production preparation and manufacture cycle.
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