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The application of sprocket and chain items have?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-04
The application of sprocket and chain items have? Sprocket factory small make up to you to introduce the application of sprocket and chain items, what are respectively as follows: sprocket, chain is mainly used in scraper conveyor, washing equipment, DY - 100 type coal winning machine, rock loader. Sprocket processing to meet GB1244 - state 76 standard. For use in the demanding, dongguan sprocket mesh belt production quality in use effect is obvious. The structure of the sprocket has integral and two half type. Sprocket materials shall ensure sufficient strength and abrasion resistance. Hardness HRC> 40 - 45. When overloading should be handled through the surface stroke of fire. Sprocket and chain failure pattern is mainly caused by wear chain pitch longer, so that the additional dynamic load produced by the machine, chain and sprocket continuous impact, vibration and noise and accelerate damage to parts, so should be installed according to the reasonable proportion of production manufacturer of transmission equipment. Purchase qualified parts to ensure parts quality. Timely replacement of qualified sprocket, reduces wear on the chain. Promptly replace the bearing chain wheel bearings, prevent the gap is too big, cause the center of the sprocket skewed. Transport capacity, the greater the laying, the longer the length of the chain wheel torque also. Therefore, the requirements for the processing chain wheel specification, guarantee the toughness and pulsating load and additional impact, is life. The above content is the sprocket factory, small make up for your release, if you need to know more information about sprocket, welcome to click into our company's website https://www. henryparts。 com/
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