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The advantages of CNC machining center

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-08
More with complete is a function of CNC machining center CNC machine tools, it makes the milling, boring, drilling, tapping threads and thread cutting, and other functions focus on one device, make its have a variety of process methods. Nc machining center is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system is suitable for machining complex parts of automation of machine tools with high efficiency, is the production of the highest in the world, one of the most widely used nc machine tools. The main advantage of the current CNC machining center is: 1. Improve the machining quality of machining center, a clamping more process can be realized centralized processing, greatly reduce the clamping error brought by the many times. 2. Shorten the preparation time machining center now that can replace more general-purpose machine tools, so preparation time required to process a part is the sum of each processing unit by the loss of time to prepare. 3. Reduce the products on the machining center processing, can play the advantages of centralized 'with', complete multiple processes on a machine tool, can greatly reduce the wip. 4. Reduce the tool fee set scattered in various general machine tool, focused on machining center knife library, possible with the least amount of cutter holder to meet the processing requirements. 5. Equipment utilization high machining center equipment utilization for several times of general machine tools, in addition, due to the process, easy to adapt to many varieties, small batch production.
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