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The advantage of shenzhen machinery processing factory to introduce spark machine

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-10
More a mechanical processing plant, intelligent shenzhen spark machine adopts intelligent control technology. Edm machine intelligence embodied in precise detection two aspects of technology and fuzzy control technology. On-line automatic monitoring, adjustment process, the realization of process optimization control. Fuzzy control technology is a computer monitor to determine the status of electrical discharge machining gap, within the scope of the stable arc automatic selection efficiency to achieve the highest machining conditions. Second, automation machinery factory in shenzhen spark machine in equipped with electrodes library and standard electrodes fixture, as long as the electrode loaded before processing knife library, good processing program, the edm process can day to go to the automatic operation, almost without manual operation. Machine tool automation of operation reduces the labor intensity of operators, improve production efficiency. Spark machine to align, automatic positioning, automatic measurement of many function such as continuous processing artifacts have better play its automation performance. Automatic operation without human intervention, can improve the machining accuracy and efficiency. Three, efficiency, shenzhen machinery factory spark machine on the premise of guarantee machining accuracy increase efficiency of the rough and finish machining. Such as mobile phone shell, home appliance products, electrical appliances, electronic instruments, etc, will require large workpiece greatly shorten the discharge time, at the same time, to reduce the roughness. Don't have to manually polishing treatment after discharge. This not only shorten the processing time and dispense post-processing of trouble, improves the quality of the molds at the same time, using spark machine powder processing can be achieved.
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